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Challenge mode boost and Breeze through the Gate of the Setting Sun


The first boss of the Gate of the Setting Sun is Saboteur Kip’tilak. He’s pretty simple but there are bombs that drop at random around the room and if Saboteur Kip’tilak casts sabotage on one of the members, you want to run into one of the corners of the room so that the arms of bomb’s explosion don’t bother the positioning of where your party members want to stand. If your party has time warp, use it now so you can get rid of the boss as soon as possible and so that the cooldown will be ready for the last boss. That’s one rule of thumb I like to have in my dungeon runs is that you want to use time warp twice in the dungeon by using it early into the dungeon so it will usually be ready for the last boss. This, of course, isn’t applicable in the very short challenge mode boost. The fight with Saboteur Kip’tilak isn’t actually that difficult but it’s more chaotic because you have to keep track of so many things unlike other bosses where you can just tank, kite and chuck abilities to get them down so don’t expect to get through the Gate of the Setting Sun at gold during the very first try so it’s best to do a few rough runs to get the gist of the dungeon because just looking up what to do won’t be enough in most cases. Now when you do take out Saboteur Kip’tilak, make sure to take him out near the room exit so you don’t end up floundering about looking for the exit and wasting precious seconds.

When you do make it out of the room, take out all the enemies that drop the smoke bombs as well as take out the wind shapers because they cast an ability called wind blast that just deals a whole lot of damage. Try to interrupt and painful abilities your aware of and keep the damage on the tank so the healer just has to focus on one person with your living longbow or crystal shot longriffle. One thing people don’t think of is that when most of the mobs are cleared, you can actually just run away from the remaining one or two so you don’t have to waste even more time walking to where you need to go.

When you cross the bridge, you could just run through the bridge but if you time your jumps, you can avoid being stunned. This can save your party one second which doesn’t sound like a lot but if you make a mistake, that one second you saved could mean the difference between getting gold and having to repeat the dungeon. After the bridge, you’ll come across a pack of ragers which can be quite a big problem if the tank of your party isn’t properly geared and they didn’t use their cooldowns properly so keep an eye out for your members when going against these guys.